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2018 Plans | Scheduling

2018 plans are still underway…

step two schedulingStep Two | Schedule and Plan. Create a calendar of manageable events and activities. A list to pull from for family trips, chores, projects.

Scheduling is a big time saver. Something we did a long time ago when we were living in Alaska was to create a spreadsheet of all the things we wanted to do and make it available so we could pull from it. We divided it up by seasons or months and had a list of indoor/outdoor, seasonal, low cost, or intensive things we could do. We never completed it, but we sure did have fun with it! Because of that list, we went gold panning, gray whale watching, and planned a huge trip to Cordova for the bird festival! And other things too! It’s just great so you don’t lose a Saturday deciding what to do. We’re in a new area so there should be thousands of options within a 90-minute drive.

Okay, it’s not SO super simple and easy when you’re in a new area because you have to FIND the damn things. I love keeping an eye out for local people who do a lot and share on IG and I annoy them by asking where everything is. I’m totally that person. But, I’m not a local photographer trying to steal photo locations. I just want to explore and have a great time with my family.

Step One | FIND THE FUN. Create a list and organize it. I may be revealing my inner nerd, but I like to add columns for distance (or time), cost, intensity, and season. It makes scheduling family fun SO much easier! If we are in a pinch we can grab something simple like finding a gelato shop or if we are looking to get out of dodge we can hit the road and drive a few hours.

Step Two | The dreaded chore schedule. It has to be done. The family needs something in writing and something that keeps us on task for the deep cleaning. We have an older home so it doesn’t take much for things to creep up on us. I wish I could say I have something amazing for this. But I totally just hit up pinterest. I found a 30 day cleaning list that the kids and I can knock out in 2 days to jump start the new year. Now we just have to work on scheduling the deep cleaning chores. The kids already have daily chores, we assign dishes, counters/floors, and living room pick up. Because these items have to be  done 8939393903 times a day in our house.

Step Three | the remodel. Oh, Lord the dreaded remodel. We bought a TOTAL fixer upper. We have to touch every inch of this home. And we’re about 75% done with the first phase. Once we finish this stage the home should really bring us a lot more joy and peace. The biggest item remaining is to tile our kitchen floor. We have everything picked out, but we have to finish leveling the floor, instal the hardie board, and then get the hell to work. And did I mention I’m like 35 weeks pregnant? hahahaha. Oh Lord. Kill me now.

I try and keep my blog really positive, but I would like to give a GIANT MIDDLE FINGER to the California housing market. I  know we will have an amazing little house when this is all done, but several times a month we dream about checking out and heading off to the middle of BFE America and buying a cheap ass little trailer and just letting it ride. I could see myself with a garden gnome collection in Oklahoma and being happy as a clam.

Step Four | Scheduling Meal Plans. Oh wait, this one is done automatically with Real Meal Plans, but, I still like mentioning it because failing at meal planning is a big ding for my goals. It means I will eat less healthy and it means I will go over budget. But I still have to make it to the grocery store, use the app, and cook the food. I love having some easy go to opt-out options, but in all honesty, food is my husband’s love language. If I’m cooking up stuff 5 days a week in our kitchen he is a very very happy man. And I love to see my man happy. And with me tipping the scales already I don’t mind fattening him up. hahah. Did I just say that outloud?

Alrighty… keep moving foward! Tick tock to baby!

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