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Are you there God, it’s me Courtney

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thingsaboutmebannermystoryHi, I’m Courtney. I am married to my best friend. So cliche right? I’m serious! I remember telling myself “friends ONLY”, and that turned into “I want to marry him and have his babies, friend, what friend?” pretty quickly. He left the army to pursue his interest in theoretical physics. I definitely married up; a brilliant, sexy, manly man, and best father in the whole wide world with impeccable character and patience for miles!

I am around a bunch of kids that are always, “mom, mom, mom, mom”, but don’t know where they came from. I received the instructions, “Do not feed after midnight” and then after that power outage the clock was wrong, and then I had all these babies and they took over the town. If my husband cooperates with my plans I’d love to have 7 babies. You could also blame my parents. I never had a sister. Or a pony.

And then there’s work. Finding my ideal job was a challenge for me. My math professor insisted I was a math genius and needed a math degree. I’m kind of like Good Will Hunting, except not really. Then there was my brief career as a bull rider. It started and ended with a variation of the phrase, “8 seconds is for sissies”. I got my degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alaska, but took a wrong turn while walking off the stage and ended up in an Army Guard recruiter’s office. I signed some papers and bam, basic training in 100 degree weather. I’d complain except for I didn’t have to cook or do laundry, and there was no “mom, mom, mom, mom!” for 10 weeks, so it was practically a vacation.  I had this hair-brained idea to start my Master’s degree, but quickly got a job as a drilling engineer and decided my brain could use a break from education. Now I work hard to drill that black gold, but I’ve never been able to step away from photography.

Somewhere in there I should probably address the part where I picked up my first camera on safari in Kenya at 10 years old, took my first real photography class in 2003 and got my first work published the same year, opened my photography business in 2006, also the year I landed a cover photo for a national magazine.

You can find me hanging out and rambling away on the Rusty Lens Facebook page,  uploading stock to Stocksy United, at In Beauty and Chaos, or teaching THIS workshop. I love being apart of such a supportive photography community. Come join in the fun, it’s always better to play with others than play with yourself. BY. BY yourself.

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