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On My Plate | a meal and exercise plan

The Meal Plan and Exercise Plan. I’m in love with Real Plans and their recipes, it has changed how I meal plan

On My Plate | A Health Journey

It has finally happened. I saw my reflection and truly didn’t recognize my body. Who is this girl? I’ve

better meal planning

Meal Planning 101

I love cooking. What I love more than cooking is good food. My mother is a Martha Stewart type. She is very crafty and

Asian Beef with Peas | Recipes

Michael just got done taking 12 credits of Japanese. I’m not sure if it’s that, or living in South East

Garden Fresh Pesto | Recipe

If I could only grow one herb in the garden it would be basil. It is so easy to grow, it loves the heat, and it tastes

Chocolate Chip Cookies

After a few middle school science experiments involving cookie ingredients and bakeware, we believe we have engineered