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What is voice | And the ever elusive question

One buzzword that has flooded the industry has been voice. What is voice? What is my voice? Where can I find it? How

Light yourself on fire | Be Passionate + fight

“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” – John Wesley (I came

Slow and steady … the progression of a photographer

It has happened a few times in conversations now where someone has said either directly or indirectly that they are

Every time I post spiders I lose fans

I get it. You don’t even have to have full blown arachnophobia to be scared of spiders. I cannot count how many

Introspection & Analysis | PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP

A photography workshop on self-discovery over at In Beauty & Chaos, Introspection & Analysis. IA

A series on how to critique photos

Critique Me | Photos from the Wall

This week’s photo comes to you from Lea-Ann Wadleigh from L.Wadleigh Photography I absolutely loved this photo

Mentoring | The Benefits & Value

You see it all the time on photographer’s pages under their list of services. You see it on the forum sites. You

A series on how to critique photos

Critique Me | Photos from the Wall

Up this week we have a photo from Angie Manns at 2B Seen Photography. She shared this image asking if it was too high

Insecurities | a root of jealousy

Let’s talk about insecurities for a second. I know, it’s ugly. No one wants to discuss it. No one wants to

A series on how to critique photos

Critique Me | Photos from the Wall

Alrighty! Today’s lovely image comes my way from AnnMarie at One-33 Photography  AnnMarie said she loved this

Imitation vs Inspiration | Finding the line

There are not too many of us that were able to teach ourselves math by reflection. I certainly know I didn’t. I

Eff you 365

Who has been bested by this daily shooting project? Every January photographers round the world take part in this. You

Let’s Get Naked Friday | Photos Exposed

It’s another edition of Get Naked Friday… I know I stress this each week, but again, most photos I share

SH** or get off the pot

It’s so easy to be still, stay stagnant, be resistant or reluctant to act or make changes. It’s easy to look to the

Why I applied for Pro, tips, & other long ramblings…

First. What does it mean to “apply for pro status”. Several sites such as In Beauty and Chaos and