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The Slow Zebra | Thoughts on being average

I have always been a poor runner. I can sprint short distances, but even the 110-meter hurdles I ran in high school

I quit my 365 and the world didn’t end

I did a version of a 365 project called “the shoot every day” project. And for about 18 months I had only

STOP. When enough is enough…

Stop. Right there. Enough. Enough torturing yourself. Enough comparing yourself. Enough looking over your shoulder.

Opportunity| When one door closes, find yourself a window and get the hell out.

Thanks to Timehop I have been reflecting on a rather important moment in my life a lot this month. Moment, event,


Tuesday Confessions: Perseverance

Tuesday’s confessions: Sometimes good enough and done is better than incomplete and almost perfect. It’s

Light yourself on fire | Be Passionate + fight

“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” – John Wesley (I came

SH** or get off the pot

It’s so easy to be still, stay stagnant, be resistant or reluctant to act or make changes. It’s easy to look to the