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2017 | A Look Back, a Year in Review

 Before we take a look back, can we take a moment to come to terms with the fact that it is December already! Holy

Telling the story | vol. 1 | Introduction- who am I?

How about a Friday Introduction? Whenever anyone asked for an introduction I always laugh and say, “I’m

Nor Cal Tourist | Point Reyes National Park Vol. 1

We have been remodeling for weeks. This weekend we had to take a pause for my husband to finish an assignment for his

The Slow Zebra | Thoughts on being average

I have always been a poor runner. I can sprint short distances, but even the 110-meter hurdles I ran in high school

Renovate | The house to home project part one

That one time we bought a fixer upper and began a renovation project. We moved to California from Texas. We came from

2198 Miles | A move across the country part 5

The part where we finally call a place home. The owners said we could “stay” in the home. Because they

2198 Miles | A move across the country part 4

  After three months apart over the course of selling a house, packing, moving, puking, and hotel stays,

Print Your Photos | Getting images off your hard drives

PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. You take photos, you ooh and ahh as you look on the back of the camera, you upload them, you edit

Reflection | A Look Back… and a Look Forward

I have always loved photography. From the moment I got my first 110mm plastic barbie camera at 8 years old I was

2198 Miles + 3102 Air Miles | A move across the country part 3

That time I flew to Alaska with six kids. I used to fly. A lot. I lived in Texas and worked in Alaska. I had to fly

Welcome to Homeschool

So. Yeah. Homeschool. How did that happen? I am not sure when the first thought of homeschool was entertained. It

2198 Miles | A move across the country part 2

That time we tried to call a move a vacation because we visited places like White Sands, VLA, and more. (Haven’t

2198 Miles | A move across the country part 1

That one time we decided to chuck the plan and move across the country. I remember the day really well. I was laying

You make room for things you love | On priorities

In my new obsession I came across this quote from Erin Loechner retelling a story, “You make room for things you

Welcoming Pippen Jane | A long short birth story

The birth story of baby #6. (most photos taken by Aubrey) You would think that a woman with 5 kids would be an expert