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2198 Miles | A move across the country part 1

That one time we decided to chuck the plan and move across the country. I remember the day really well. I was laying

You make room for things you love | On priorities

In my new obsession I came across this quote from Erin Loechner retelling a story, “You make room for things you

Welcoming Pippen Jane | A long short birth story

The birth story of baby #6. (most photos taken by Aubrey) You would think that a woman with 5 kids would be an expert

Saying No, Saying Yes, and the word for 2017

This has been a growing trend here recently. “Saying no to say yes.” And though I started to put it into

2016 Goals Revisited

In January of this year, I set out to make some goals that I could work towards in hopes of bettering myself. As I

Opportunity| When one door closes, find yourself a window and get the hell out.

Thanks to Timehop I have been reflecting on a rather important moment in my life a lot this month. Moment, event,

female engineer

I look like an engineer | female engineer

There have been several stories in the media that have spawned hashtags like #ilooklikeanengineer which are helping to

macro flower

I can’t do it all | Tuesday Confessions

I can’t do it all. I try. I do a lot. But no matter what at the end of the day I’m left with a longer list

home birth

To home birth?

I’m not quite sure when a home birth became desirable to me. I guess I would have to back up a little bit. I was

life in 10 photos

Life in 10 photos: A daily peek

My life has gotten pretty boring. I say boring. I’m sure my life is exceedingly insane to most people. But we

Paper Hearts: Childhood Heart Disease Awareness

I wanted a baby. I envisioned a perfect world where I had a healthy pregnancy, found out the gender, delivered, and


Goals: Progress and update on 2016

2016 Goals, updated. I am all for the benefit of sharing out loud in hopes to see better results for keeping goals and

better meal planning

Meal Planning 101

I love cooking. What I love more than cooking is good food. My mother is a Martha Stewart type. She is very crafty and

Looking Forward | 2016 Goals

I’m not sure my track record on achieving my goals actually warrants a public post, but I find that if I state

Fight the good Fight | Gearing up for 2016

“Don’t fight the problem, decide it. ” (George C Marshall) Over the last few months I have struggled