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Reflection | A Look Back… and a Look Forward

I have always loved photography. From the moment I got my first 110mm plastic barbie camera at 8 years old I was

photography book

Shoot Your Heart Out | an ebook

Shoot Your Heart Out, an ebook about shooting your everyday love and life, shooting it with passion, shooting it

photography voice

What is voice | And the ever elusive question

One buzzword that has flooded the industry has been voice. What is voice? What is my voice? Where can I find it? How

Fight the good Fight | Gearing up for 2016

“Don’t fight the problem, decide it. ” (George C Marshall) Over the last few months I have struggled

Slow and steady … the progression of a photographer

It has happened a few times in conversations now where someone has said either directly or indirectly that they are

Introspection & Analysis | PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP

A photography workshop on self-discovery over at In Beauty & Chaos, Introspection & Analysis. IA

Mentoring | The Benefits & Value

You see it all the time on photographer’s pages under their list of services. You see it on the forum sites. You


Everybody gets jealous. Let’s throw that out there right now. It’s natural. Oddly enough in life there are

The Serenity Circle | A Collaborative Project

Welcome to the first installment of this wonderful project that Nadeen brought together. Serenity is a big deal for me.

How do you do it? | Vol. 1

Rusty Lens Photography is introducing a new series of “How do you do it?”, quite possibly the number one

Food Photography | Take One

I’m working on a project that will involve food photos, but there in lies the problem. I typically cook large

Macro Photography Play

It must be all the wet weather that has inspired some macro shooting. Water droplets are so fun to photograph! But

In Beauty and Chaos Workshop Review | Beauty in the Details

I have owned a macro lens for about 10 years, but would you believe that I rarely shot “macro”? I shot

Camera Bags: The Motherload

  I don’t buy shoes, I don’t buy purses. Apparently, I buy camera bags. And alright, I admit,

The Ultimate Lens Post

Everyone always asks, “What lens should I get?”  And I wish it was a simple (or cheaper) answer. There is