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Baby Steps | Photography tips for beginners

Photography tips for beginners. Are you a beginner new to photography? Are you flooded with beautiful images all over

STOP. When enough is enough…

Stop. Right there. Enough. Enough torturing yourself. Enough comparing yourself. Enough looking over your shoulder.

progression of new photos for new photographer

Dear New Photographer | Setting Up Shop

Dear New Photographer, I remember when I decided I would open a photography business. My experience had been working in

tips for second shooting weddings

The Second Shooter | Tips for Wedding Photography

I have shot a few weddings on my own, mostly small intimate backyard or garden weddings. I wouldn’t say that it

getting started in photography

Getting Started in Photography

So you have a new camera? And you know how to turn it on and off, and if it is in auto mode you push the button and you

finding light

Getting comfortable with LIGHT

Every time I talk about light I break into song. I can’t help it. I just broke into my off pitch rendition of

photography voice

What is voice | And the ever elusive question

One buzzword that has flooded the industry has been voice. What is voice? What is my voice? Where can I find it? How

Why I applied for Pro, tips, & other long ramblings…

First. What does it mean to “apply for pro status”. Several sites such as In Beauty and Chaos and


Feeling uninspired? Ugh. It happens. And it usually comes on the heels of having such a great streak.  I once read a


Everybody gets jealous. Let’s throw that out there right now. It’s natural. Oddly enough in life there are

Using Kelvin White balance | Tutorial

There comes a point in every photographer’s journey where you start noticing that Auto White Balance

Blown Highlight Check | Tutorial

Your camera has a highlight check, LR/ACR have highlight indicators, but you’ve now taken your image into

3 Minutes of Macro | Tutorial

Macro is my zen moment. I can tune everything out, look through my view finder, and just find my inner peace. But I

File Naming and Organization | Tutorial

There are 100 ways to skin a cat, or so I’m told. Here is my version of File Naming and Organization. Today