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Let’s Get Naked Friday | Photos before/after

We love making art in our home. But I have a dining room that is difficult to navigate in the afternoon because of the

Let’s Get Naked Friday | Photos before/after

Here is a great image for sloppy shooting. It was really late, my oldest daughter noticed the reddish colored moon so I

Letter to Our Sons | Vol 5.

Dear B, You sir, are everything we never knew our family was missing. After four children you would assume we had a


Everybody gets jealous. Let’s throw that out there right now. It’s natural. Oddly enough in life there are

Monday Musings over Macro

I love quotes. Especially this one. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at

The Serenity Circle | A Collaborative Project

Welcome to the first installment of this wonderful project that Nadeen brought together. Serenity is a big deal for me.

Starting a legal business

Running a legitimate business. This topic comes up a ton. Because it’s scary. You want to make sure you’re

File Naming and Organization | Tutorial

There are 100 ways to skin a cat, or so I’m told. Here is my version of File Naming and Organization. Today

How do you do it? | Vol. 2

Rusty Lens Photography is introducing a new series of “How do you do it?”, quite possibly the number one

I’m the real slim shady | Online Presence & Vulnerability

Let’s get real for a minute. The online world is a scary place. I would equate myself with a real small town

Environmental Portraiture with Children | Workshop Review

After taking my first workshop ever I was excited to sign up for some more classes. For me, these were excellent

Letters to Our Sons | Vol 3

Dear B, It’s been months since we first met and I still haven’t been able to process all of it. I think

The best of 2011

I have been digging through old files and finally getting around to printing photos. I love how google does an end of

Maternity Session at the Lake

Have you ever noticed that either women love being pregnant, or hate it? I am most definitely in the love it camp.

Couples Session on the Beach

When people ask me what my favorite subjects are to shoot I often have to laugh. I catch myself saying they are all my