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When you can see the suck from a mile away

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen it. You’re watching a photographer and they are just on fire.

The Slow Zebra | Thoughts on being average

I have always been a poor runner. I can sprint short distances, but even the 110-meter hurdles I ran in high school

I quit my 365 and the world didn’t end

I did a version of a 365 project called “the shoot every day” project. And for about 18 months I had only

Do your thing and be happy

Do your thing and be happy. You may have seen me talking a lot about what I’m letting go of. I’ve been

STOP. When enough is enough…

Stop. Right there. Enough. Enough torturing yourself. Enough comparing yourself. Enough looking over your shoulder.

networking manners

Don’t be an asshole | Manners, a photography edition

Warning: Bad language included. If you didn’t already notice from the title, lol. Everyone has their moments.

Mentoring | The Benefits & Value

You see it all the time on photographer’s pages under their list of services. You see it on the forum sites. You

Insecurities | a root of jealousy

Let’s talk about insecurities for a second. I know, it’s ugly. No one wants to discuss it. No one wants to

Imitation vs Inspiration | Finding the line

There are not too many of us that were able to teach ourselves math by reflection. I certainly know I didn’t. I