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Critique Me | Photos from the Wall

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another edition of Critique Me! Watching thorough critiques from the photos that get posted on the wall.

critique me

Today’s lovely image comes from Julie Ann of Julie Pease Photography 


I loved this image right away. This is gold, you have a beautiful landscape, lens flare, depth, the beautiful open sky, and you have a man looking out feeling very contemplative or relaxed.

First thing I am draw to in the image is the light hitting the grass, I see the lens flare, I feel nice and warm in the sunshine and I work my way up to the subject, I see that he’s looking out and I follow his sight lines to the landscape in front of him looking through the ridges and along the horizon.

Depth brings images to life, it is candy for the eye to go through and see the layers in the photo giving foreground, mid ground, and background. Depth can be shown with focus, supporting elements or devices, strategic composition. Here you have wonderful lines and layers form the landscape. You have different textures within the ground, the light grass in the front with the sun shining on it, the mid ground with the hills and peaks, and the background that shows ridges, but also open space.

This image has a center horizon line which promotes a sense of balance, they are great for symmetry, but this image really has some great story line features, if you moved the horizon down you get a larger scale of adventure, it feels a little more wild. If you move the horizon line up you get more ground and the feeling of overview in this landscape. With the sun’s position you don’t want to lose any of those great rays so I would recommend cropping down slightly, you don’t want to lose that great landscape, and then stretching the top canvas to give some more room.

There are obviously a lot of really great elements and strong bones to this photograph. The things I might consider is that if you were to flip this photo you would enter the scene and see the man first. His shadow would give a secondary entrance point and you also feel the depth before you look at the scene, it feels like the eye is directed in a more linear path. Images that read from right to left feel more peaceful and calm, images that read from left to right add some tension to the eye. Here, I think the flip would add some more zen.

With the warmth and the sun position I feel that warming up the white balance would create a warmer more inviting scene with the contemplative but relaxed view. When you warm up the image it will brighten the sun a little, I would take the highlights down a good bit and you’ll pull the rays out of the sun which will reach towards the lens flare and make a neat effect.

The great thing about this image is that it is great as it is! The images has strong composition, light, and moment right from the get go. And it just feels so serene and relaxing. Definitely a dose of zen that my wild morning needed!

Thank you so much for allowing me to read and share this photo Julie.

Critique Me | A weekly feature taking photos from The Rusty Lens Facebook page and bringing them through a thorough critique.

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