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Critique Me | Photos from the Wall

critique meThis week’s photo comes from Vanessa Houchens Photography.

12039212_642951674459_375637798749981160_nRight away this photo grabbed me, I love the bright pop of color and it went really well with the bright and bubbly subject!

When viewing this photo my eye starts at the left and it feels a little tension as it moves forward in the frame. This photo is an excellent candidate for a flip. You can really feel the difference when you change the orientation because the eye moves into the image rather than back towards yourself. I would also add a slight crop to bring the image to the bottom of her shorts, the current crop has my eye looking for more of her legs after the shorts.

I love the depth of the image, the brick in the background really helps draw you in and move your eye around the frame with the horizontal and vertical lines. I love that the peeling paint adds some texture and interest. I love the color scheme, it really works well with the tones in the image.

The image feels a little high in green/yellow. Cooling it down a slight bit and adding some red will bring this to a more neutral white balance.

Overall the image is great, it feels bright and cheerful and matches the mood of the subject, and is an attention grabber.

Critique Me | A weekly feature taking photos from The Rusty Lens Facebook page and bringing them through a thorough critique. Anyone interested in submitting a photo for this feature just needs to post the image to the Facebook page wall with “for critique” on the image.

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