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This week’s critique image comes from Donna Coppin Photography. I loved the image as soon as it popped on my screen.


Right away the image gives away many tells, the lighting is flat and darker, there is some shadowing going on, and it all builds into the scene. The eye starts across from the left and hits the child first, her eye contact is immersed in an activity and her arms help guide you to the phone, the eye carries on up the lines and connects to the dad and back up to his face, which then helps circle back through the photo. I love the mood and the layers of the blankets and pillows in the photo.

I love photos like this. They make great use of the space and they guide the eye with direction. You have great use of shapes and lines here to give the viewer a sense of exactly what they should be looking at. And this is a really strong moment, the subjects are connected, you can see that they are working together, and enjoying this precious daddy child moment.

The line across the bed board grabbed my eye a little and since you have a little more room in the front of the photo, I would suggest a slight crop to bump them over in the frame a little more and remove the darker line above them. It could also be cloned simply as well to not crowd the frame if the crop is too tight.

Critique Me | A weekly feature taking photos from The Rusty Lens Facebook page and bringing them through a thorough critique. Anyone interested in submitting a photo for this feature just needs to post the image to the Facebook page wall with “for critique” on the image. Want to learn more about critiquing? Sign up for Introspection & Analysis.

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