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critique me

Today’s wonderful photo is brought to you by Rocker 11 Photography , thank you for submitting to the wall!


I love me some great window light that really draws you in with exposure and emotion! This image is right up there. I love the darkness here. You enter the frame on the left and come towards your subject. With no detail in the darkness your eye glosses over it looking for the subject, but also looking for the light and detail.

You can start to make out the context as you gain light and see this adorable child up in a chair in front of the window looking out at the scene with excitement and wonder– look at that tongue! Then then the eye continues over following the brightness of the outside and exits the photo.

This image has great exposure, there is a tiny tiny amount of clipping that is so minuscule it’s irrelevant. There is a little bit of play in the exposure that makes me want to see the shadows lifted a tiny amount, or the exposure bumped, just to get a little more light on the face and illuminated around them on the chair. The White balance feels a little cool, but maybe due to the preset, I like it, but I find a tiny bump in the warmth makes that skin pop.

The composition really works here, I love the direction of the image, it adds to the wonder and excitement, versus a flip that would add some tension. I love the shape of the child with the arms out adding some visual interest, and I love the lines and shape of the window.

The only distraction for me here is the white object outside, because it’s so bright, it pulls my eye a little. If it represents something that is sentimental I might consider leaving it in, but a quick clone job and it would keep the visual weight more balanced and keep the brightest part of the image closer to the subject.

Regardless of any criticism this is a strong image, it’s beautifully done and a great capture. Thank you for allowing me to read it.

Critique Me
 | A weekly feature taking photos from The Rusty Lens Facebook page and bringing them through a thorough critique. Anyone interested in submitting a photo for this feature just needs to post the image to the Facebook page wall with “for critique” on the image. Want to learn more about critiquing? Sign up for Introspection & Analysis.

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  • October 23, 2015 - 2:37 pm

    Mandi Korn - I like how this image feels, the softness of it, the photographers understanding of the light. However I almost feel like the darkness is too vast, like it is swallowing the subject up.ReplyCancel

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