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Do your thing and be happy


Do your thing and be happy.

You may have seen me talking a lot about what I’m letting go of. I’ve been clearing out my Facebook, my house, and I’ve been letting go of certain roles and responsibilities, including the decision to give up teaching my workshop. All for what?

To do my thing and be happy.

What is my thing?

My thing is being a wife. It shocks me how many people think that our priorities should be elsewhere. Online, or with our friends. I take care of my husband and he takes care of me. Together we take care of our family. This is a priority.

My thing is being a mama. I did love my old job. But I didn’t do it because I loved it, I did it because I had to. I did it because I had to pay bills. It was always our goal that I would become a stay at home mama. And since we have six children, it really is a full time gig. I remember a time I longed for this, cried for this, and when it finally came true, it was amazing.

My thing is being a homeschool mama. My husband and I both graduated college after having children. We did things the hard way. I want them to do things an easier way and be more prepared for it. So we plan their education around it.

My thing is being a stock photographer. I stopped taking clients years ago. It didn’t fit my schedule. Stock photography does. I try and make a college try of it. But it’s flexible. While I was moving I wasn’t able to upload any images. They were OK with that. Now I’m getting more settled I can add some new images each week. Stock is something where the more you work it the better it works for you. Stocksy is income that increases our quality of life.

My thing is getting out in nature, going on walks, talking to my friends, remodeling my house, not, that is not my thing, lol.  But these are things that are making me happy. There are things that don’t make me happy that are still my thing.

If one of your things is not making you happy. Stop doing it. If someone else’s thing is not making you happy, stop looking. It’s really that simple. If it’s not that simple, make it that simple.

Many moons ago when I was a teen in what we will call a “group session” I said, “I didn’t have a choice”. And the “counselor” said, “you had a choice, you just didn’t like it, or you didn’t like the consequence that came from it, but you had a choice”.

You have a choice to be happy. Make it. If not for you, then for fuck’s sake, for the rest of us bastards that have to watch you not make it. Life is short. There are things that matter. There are bigger fish to fry. Fry those. With butter. Everything is better with butter.

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