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Eff you 365

2015-08-10_0001Who has been bested by this daily shooting project? Every January photographers round the world take part in this. You see all the buzz and excitement, their albums go up, and the extra motivated ones blog them too.

And by March you see they start to slow down a bit. You see the blog posters saying that they are playing catch up and adding several weeks in at once.

The slackers are given another opportunity to rekindle the idea when you start seeing the 100 days of Summer roll out. 1, 2, 3… but who do you ever see make it to 100? It’s like the 23 days of Summer I actually got on record.

And this is really all in tongue and cheek. It’s HARD. The concept of shooting daily alone is tough. But then add editing, organization, and some kind of album or blogging endeavor and you’ve taken it to an extreme.

And don’t get me wrong, I see all the amazing people who have done them. And some more than one! And some that are so diligent and perfect with the upkeep.

But, I can’t do this. And to be honest, I won’t. Because I would be setting myself up for failure. And I would be sitting there allowing an album labeled “2015 | 365” mock my face and then I would be sitting there raising my middle finger to a computer.

But. I do believe in shooting every day. I do believe it can be manageable. And I do believe the benefits are wild.

But, Courtney, you just said EFF THE 365.

I did.

We’ll call this, “The Shoot Every Day” project.

What’s the difference?

Shooting daily is about a mental exercise and physical habit. You are not required to get “THE image” each day. You do not have to edit daily, or stay on top of it to benefit. If you miss a day, or two, or five, you no longer have a gaping hole in your project. And most of all, there is less guilt or feelings of failure if you cannot keep up.

I shoot every day. Some days I shoot 500 photos. Some days I shoot one, late at night, creeping into a bedroom, and using extremely low light. And THAT is the beauty of it. When you need to stretch yourself you can. When you build the habit, you will look for it. And you will catch a lot.


Benefits of shooting every day:

  • Practice
  • It reduces your fears
  • Expand your skill set
  • Push your creativity
  • Get yourself out of ruts
  • You begin observing more
  • Get more comfortable with shooting and shooting situations
  • Expand your portfolio
  • Keep a record of your family, history, and life

Oh, those are also the same benefits found in a 365.

Note: I LOVE 365s. They are amazing. And clearly they are in the same ballpark. And if you are successful with them, I applaud you. But I am the girl who started a Macro Monday series and made it four posts in. I’m the girl who needs a more manageable approach.

If you still need a kick in the pants, I wrote a book! Shoot Your Heart Out (Currently on sale this month for 25% off!) is all about discovering the tools to learn and grow your craft and shooting all through the year. You’ll find tons of educational materials and a calendar to help guide you through some monthly prompts and events.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from July:

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  • August 11, 2015 - 1:41 pm

    Christy Clark - I always feel behind the eight ball so to speak because I don’t have kids at home anymore. I have dogs and as cute as they are, now many times can I photogaph them! lol I would a project and I’m considering doing something at my new school this year. Not sure what though, but there are some thoughts brewing. Maybe a year in the life of a high school.ReplyCancel

  • August 11, 2015 - 2:33 pm

    Sasha DeMaria Smith - On point with 365’s!! I do need to “practice daily”. Love your blogs & your work.ReplyCancel

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