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The Homeschool Plan 2017-2018


Oh homeschool plans! Does anyone love these as much as I do?

Last year was our first year homeschooling. I’m still new, but I have a better feeling for what does and does not work. I’ve learned that my high schooler does not do well with a loose setup, she needs structure and actual assignments and a calendar. I’ve also learned I do not want a super intensive pre-school/pre-k program for my littles. It burns me out. So we alternate a little of a more intense one with a lighter worksheet one and lots and lots of books. I also feel like I’ve sampled enough products to know what I plan on using. Last year the biggest struggle was history, I tried Story of the World and I just couldn’t do it. I think it’s great, I loved reading all the chapters, but the rest… just didn’t get done and the kids weren’t remembering much of the details.

I’ve also embraced a year round homeschool year. We do six-week sessions with a week off between and then extended breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Spring. And this year I’m doing a “half day Friday” so that I can squeeze in me time and get my tasks accomplished each week and clear them off before our weekend.

So alas, the great big homeschool plan.

11th Grade Homeschool Plan

Our big goal for our high schoolers is to prepare them for college. And for that we want them to work independently and think critically.

  • Geometry: Teaching Textbooks
  • Physics: Thinkwell
  • US Government: Thinkwell
  • English: Essays. She’ll cover 8 essay styles. She’ll write two essays per style, getting one free write and one corresponding to a chapter of her history.
  • English Lit: 5 classic novels (she chooses)
  • Medieval History: Well Trained Mind
  • Electives
    • Driver’s Ed (God Help us ALLLLLL)
    • Latin 1: Rosetta Stone
    • Keyboarding:
    • Poetry: Varied books and online sources
    • Art (watercolor classes, pottery classes, artist studies, etc)
    • Music: Viola Lessons
    • Horse Riding Lessons

6th Grade Homeschool Plan

  • Math 6: Teaching Textbooks
  • Language Arts:
    • Spelling: All about Spelling
    • Grammar: Writing Rhetoric. This is my first time trying this series, but I wanted something a little more formal and structured. I feel this is one of the weakest areas of public education so I would like to put emphasis on it. I’ve purchased the first unit as well as the fifth one so we can work in more fundamentals if needed, or she can see if she can keep pace with a more grade level unit.
    • The Good and the Beautiful: We’re trying this out for something more comprehensive, but I have some reservations as we already have a program for geography and art.
    • Reading. She’ll get a lot through her programs above, but she will also be finishing the Harry Potter and then starting one some older classics.
  • History, Science, Art, and Geography: Layers of Learning We switched to this over the summer and it really worked for me. Each lesson has a bunch of library books I can check out. It’s a wonderful mix of independent learning and reading as well hands on things we read and do together. She can notebook on several of the topics, do map work, it’s a win for us.
  • Electives:
    • Keyboarding:
    • Latin 1: Rosetta Stone
    • Poetry: Varied books and online sources
    • Music: Ukulele Lessons
    • Art: (watercolor classes, pottery classes, artist studies, etc)
    • Horse riding

Preschool/Pre-K Homeschool Plan:

I struggle following allow with longer series. And Campbell is a free spirit that does really well for short bursts, but frankly, she has not been interested in structured learning yet. She is still four years old so we are going to work on making it fun, lots of reading, and hopefully identifying the letters and sounds throughout the year. I struggle with this as our standard for her age is to GET HER READING. But when I read about education systems that are more successful the focus is on a deep imaginative play. The beauty of homeschool is that we get to do this on our terms. Her three-year-old brother is just along for the ride. My goal for him is just to be able to sit and focus on short read aloud stories.

We will be pulling from all sorts of resources in a really loose unstructured format as their attention holds.


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