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I quit my 365 and the world didn’t end

quit my 365 photo projectI did a version of a 365 project called “the shoot every day” project. And for about 18 months I had only missed a handful of days which I could substitute iPhone photos for, usually days where I was flying all night. Then after 18 months something changed. I missed a few more here and there. And then I began an insane move.

We were remodeling, selling the house, packing, and managed to contract every communicable airborne disease sort of Ebola. And somewhere in there I just fizzled out. I wasn’t doing anything exciting. Each day looked like the last. And I was just over it. And my images reflected that. They lost that sparkle. I lost that sparkle.

At first, it was just a day here, two days here. And I wasn’t really concerned. Then it was a week. And I was sort of in shock. What just happened?

But then we started our move and some inspiration rekindled and I started getting that drive again. We spent six weeks in Alaska and my camera was attached to my hip. I thought OK, not so bad, we can work with this.

And then I moved into a horribly dark outdated house. We dove right into remodel mode which I’m not even sure if that is better or worse. On one hand it was getting cleaner, a tiny bit brighter, and well, nicer. But on the other we had so much crap, clutter, dust, tools, just so much stuff that was showing up in my frames. And not in a nice, “let’s document this phase” kind of way.

And with all that remodeling went my energy. Every day looked the same and by the end of each night I felt like I was sliding into my bed by the skin of my teeth only to wake up after several interruptions six hours later.

My camera had sat for a few days at a time, and then that turned into a week. A whole week missed. That was a first. And at first it felt kind of crummy. I have a one year old now, I missed a year of her little life, and that felt so huge. But at the same time. I needed that break. I needed to turn off my brain. I needed to find a new reason why. I needed to find that spark.

And truth be told, that spark and reason why, they are always there. I just needed to see it again. And it came when I stopped just trying to fumble through my day and actually started looking. I felt like I was able to see again. Beautiful light here. Great family moment here.

The house didn’t change. The remodel didn’t change. In fact it actually got worse, lol. But I found a new way to see through it.

Was every capture brilliant? Oh heck no. But I found that I had managed to take photos five days in a row without really trying. It wasn’t like the very beginning when I started trying to shoot every day where I had that “aw shit” moment at 10pm and had to go take a photo that I knew would get deleted.

So, the moral of the story is, I stopped shooting every day and I lived to tell about it. And I refuse to feel guilty about it. I have amazing friends that have done many sucessful years of 365 projects, and I cheer them on and don’t want them to give it up. But if you can’t get through it, that’s not a failure.

This is a huge reason why I do not proclaim to be a Project 365 shooter. This like the near vegan who slips and has butter every now and then so they just call themselves a vegetarian. Learn more about my Shoot Every Day project if you want to help take some stress off.

So, without further ado I bring you my new version of the 365 that anyone can master, the Shoot almost Every Day Project.




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