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In Beauty and Chaos Workshop Review | Beauty in the Details

I have owned a macro lens for about 10 years, but would you believe that I rarely shot “macro”? I shot closeups, I shot bugs and flowers, but I really just knew that I had a lens that could do just that, shoot close.

So fast forward to Facebook one day. I saw a post where I could take a macro workshop for half price. I love photography, and I love a sale, so it was meant to be. Let’s not forget the part where the description of the class included amazing macro shots from the extremely talented Danielle McIlroy. Absolutely stunning images.

Workshop Review: It was my first time taking an online workshop so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. It was laid out into four weekly portions. Each week there was a PDF to read accompanied with corresponding assignments. Danielle was very active on the board and gave wonderful feedback/input/and constructive criticism. The assignments made it really easy to get a good grasp on shooting macro. They showed the different between shooting wide and closed, and how shape, color, and light play a role in the shot. And of course Danielle’s sample images were definitely a creative push.

I am so glad I took the class! I love shooting multi genre images and I loved some of the shots so much that I have 6 of them blown up and put into a series on my dining room wall.

Here are some of the dozens of images taken during the class:

It was also my first exposure to In Beauty and Chaos, a wesbite/blog/forum. One of the things I loved about it was that it was a smaller group setting, there was a lot of interaction from the members, and it felt like a great creative place. I signed up for a year membership when the class was over.

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