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Let’s Get Naked Friday | Photos before/after

getnaked1We love making art in our home. But I have a dining room that is difficult to navigate in the afternoon because of the direct sun that comes in. If I close the blinds completely I lose the light, but if I don’t watch it I get hot spots from the bits that come through.

I chose to underexpose a stop or two to try and prevent blown highlights, but I couldn’t avoid the one on her hand. I still love the spot light effect and the tiny bit of dappling. I loved that I had parts of 4/5 children in here.

My color edit is a one click preset applied on import. It bumps the contrast and adds a soft layer matte. I also reduced the highlights to try and minimize the hot spots before hitting Command E and sending this baby to photoshop to go black and white.

RL2_0391z-2I loved the color image, but wanted to focus more on the action and activity and I thought by going black and white I could focus the image more instead of spread the eye across the frame from the oranges, grays, and purples. And of course that adorable eyelash sweater on Campbell, lol!

The black and white action adds some center spot light and plays with contrast. The conversion is made using the gradient map method that I have been using so long I had to look up what I used to create the action years ago.

Camera: Nikon D750 Lens: Sigma 35mm 1.4  SS: 1/320 Aperture: f/2.5 ISO: 400

Let’s Get Naked Friday | This is a series stripping the “clothes” off and exposing my before/after photos. No presets, no fixes, straight up before (SOOC) and after.

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