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Let’s Get Naked Friday | Photos before/after

nakedfriday1This is one of my favorite photos. This is the view from my parents house in Alaska. I was traveling back to Alaska every 8-10 weeks for work and it would be a long flight with 1-2 small children, but no matter what as soon as I arrived I was so relieved to be home. Alaska is beautiful–anytime of the year. DSC_2471z

The sky was amazing this particular night and you could see the city down below and Sleeping Lady in the distance across the water. This was super late on an August night so it wasn’t completely dark, but it was pretty dusk and the clouds overhead made it even darker. I was already at ISO 5000 and handholding at 1/50 so I was really limited, but I didn’t want any extra grain if I could avoid it.
142zIn post processing I just ran my simple preset that bumps the contrast, deepens blues, and adds a slight matte then I had to lower the highlights to reduce the blown area in the white part of the sky. Quick 5 second edit.

Camera: Nikon D700 Lens: Sigma 35mm 1.4  SS: 1/50 Aperture: f/1.4 ISO: 5000

Let’s Get Naked Friday | This is a series stripping the “clothes” off and exposing my before/after photos. No presets, no fixes, straight up before (SOOC) and after.

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