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Let’s Get Naked Friday | Photos before/after


This is one of  my top ten favorite images. I was working nights on the rig in Alaska. It was the end of January and cold. One night I was arriving while the sun was still setting and it was gorgeous. I had taken an “abstract” light shot on the drive home from a road trip and loved the it blurred out the image and added the bokeh to the lights so I wanted to use that here. I did not have a lot of light to work with and I wanted the sunset, but there was a lot of buildings and tools towards the right so I had to work around some of the equipment to keep it out of the scene. I left the flare post in here even though it is a little distracting, we weren’t flaring at the time so it really just looks like a big pole. This was the last time I stepped on a rig, and will be for a very long time as I enjoy this new season of life.

This image is one of those one click presets that I’m usually saying I do. I run a preset that has a little matte, a little contrast, and takes the highlights down a little. It’s really subtle here. And if I was so inclined I could spend some time cloning out some stuff in here. But this is a fond memory for me. Working the night shift and coming back to two children wide eyed and bushy tailed– not so much. Wasn’t fun for my parents either who got the night shift with Brody, who hasn’t ever slept through the night.

: Nikon D700 Lens: Sigma 35mm 1.4  SS: 1/125 Aperture: f/2.2 ISO: 320

Let’s Get Naked Friday | This is a series stripping the “clothes” off and exposing my before/after photos. No presets, no fixes, straight up before (SOOC) and after.

Here is the rig in focus, not nearly as pretty, huh?



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