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Let’s Get Naked Friday | Photos Exposed

It’s another edition of Get Naked Friday… I am a really simple photographer, I usually shoot things how they are, but this series is about the things you can do to make subtle differences to strength the photo. 99% of the time I am a one click preset and go type girl. Here, these really simple steps took the photo up a notch.

Let’s talk about my dining room table for a minute. It’s got deep grooves, it’s dark, has a shine from the lacquer. It does not do well in photographs. It’s also a PITA to clean too if you’re wondering. I could easily have adjusted so the lines in the table were straight, but it still took my eye from the eggs and too it back over to the brighter spots on the wood.

I exposed to the right a stop to get all the detail out of the eggs and then played with the shadows and exposure in post. I duplicated the layer and selected “multiply” in the photoshop to get the lines out of the wood and darken and deepen up the background. I upped the saturation and contrast, and added a matte finish. Camera: Nikon D700 Lens: Sigma 35mm 1.4 SS: 1/100 Aperture: f/2.8 ISO: 800

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