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Motherhood Is… balance

Motherhood is not “doing it all”.rl2_3756z
Every day someone says some variation of, “I don’t know how you do it all”. Every day. Well, sometimes it’s more, “I don’t know how you do it with so many children, I struggle with the ___ I have”.

And the answer is I don’t. I absolutely do not. I try to do as much as I can, and some days that is more than others, but it’s all about doing what I can, accepting what I can’t, and steering between the ditches.PippenJRust.jpg

It’s ordering take out when I grab the chicken from the fridge and realize that it’s still frozen.
It’s letting the laundry pile up a little more than I should before washing it, because once I wash it I hate that it will sit on the table until it’s folded and put away.

It’s saying “screw it” and taking the kids outside because they cannot be cooped up any longer. Or, you know, Target where you drop $50 on nothing you needed. Okay, fine $100, but that new home section is amazing, am I right?rl2_2376z
It’s the hate fuel and frustration that has you clean 5 hours worth in just an hour and leaves you in a full sweat swearing you will beat children with their arms and legs. lol. I would love a clean house. And gosh I try. I try hard. But I have 8 people who live in this house. I had trouble keeping my 100 sq ft dorm room clean and it was just me and no kitchen! I survive by 5-10 minute power pick ups.rl2_2464z

It’s using paper plates and plastic utensils because the dishwasher broke for the 10th time because your older children don’t clear their plates all the way before loading it. Or, hey, using paper plates just because less dishes.
It’s hating the fact that you have to drop off and pick up your kid every day for an optional camp/activity when it requires loading 3 little kids in the car every day, but doing it because you love them and it’s only a short season

It’s saying, “enough” and telling your husband he has to man the fort for 30 minutes while you contemplate drowning yourself in the bathtub behind a hopefully locked door.rl2_2746z
It’s using amazon prime for just about everything. Two days and it’s at your door, hollahrl2_2765z
Motherhood is a balance. It’s doing a little more than you think you can do, but never doing it all. And it’s hard. But oh gosh, it’s amazing. It’s smiles, hugs, kisses, pride, heart wrenching and heart warming amazingness. It’s the reason I can have so many children and not tried to eat any of them yet


Motherhood Is… is a blog circle project celebrating motherhood through photographs. Please click through the links so you can see all the wonderful projects put together by this fantastic group of women!

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