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Motherhood is…

Motherhood is dirty.


Gosh those moments when you feel like you could be a commercial on TV for cleaning products. The moment when you see a face that is seconds away from throwing up and do combat like maneuvers to put something in between the child and your carpet/couch. Those times when you turn your head for a second only to find that you have a  budding artist. Worse yet, when it wasn’t JUST their body that they attacked.

And knowing how to make it all better. That moment when their love of their life blanket is freshly washed and dried knowing that with it, your day will be just that much better.

I read a great quote the other day, something to the effect of, “I’d apologize for the mess, but we live here”. And that is what you will find with our home every day. We live here. There is pen on my walls, marker all over my children, and food spills galore. Thank goodness for the “quick wash” feature, and thank goodness for the memories we are making.

Motherhood Is… is a blog circle project celebrating motherhood through photographs. Please click through the links so you can see all the wonderful projects put together by this fantastic group of women!

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