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Motherhood Is…

DSC_5056Motherhood is your kid yelling they want the strawberry cereal and then freaking the hell out when you put fresh strawberries on top of it.

And then plain cheerios for another child. And then Cheerios plus strawberries for another child. And then of course by the last child, there will be yelling of “who ate all the cereal”.

Every now and then I throw a fit and ban cereal from the house. Usually, after I break my rule and allow the crap cereals in. You know, the ones that bring you joy from your childhood. Trix. Lucky Charms. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yeah. Those last 2 milliseconds in this house. One of my children will actually stand over them and hoard bowl after bowl. They push past the point where they are no longer hungry, they eat it just to make sure they get it and no one else does.

I’m actually certain we have unhealthy food tendencies in this house. I have heard it’s a common thing with large families. I always underestimate just how glutinous they can be. Because let’s get real, if I make Brussel sprouts I have leftovers for days.

Cheers! Here’s to motherhood! Making every meal something you grit your teeth through followed by saying all the things you swore you’d never repeat from your childhood.

There are children starving in Africa.

You’re not going anywhere until you finish that plate.

Five bites, for the love of Christ, FIVE BITES.

No, you will not die from eating that. EAT IT. EAT IT RIGHT NOW.

It’s going to be a long night at this table.

And with that, I bring you this one. She is trouble.


Motherhood Is… is a blog project celebrating motherhood through rambling and photographs. Please click on the link and check out lots of posts about motherhood here.

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