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Motherhood Is…

Motherhood Is… trying to be the best person you can be for your children and so you can effectively raise your children.

DSC_7411zI finally had to take a break from facebook. Even after deleting hundreds of people I couldn’t control the negativity. The way I see it is this. If you are looking for reasons to be unhappy you will find them, in spades. And if you’re looking for reasons to be happy you will find them, in spades. It’s your choice. I choose the latter. And I choose people who choose the latter.

And I tell you what. You walk away, you take the good people with you, and all of a sudden you feel lighter, more productive, like you can see clearly again.

I have a to-do list that actually haunts me. Seriously, I have nightmares about it. We have a lot of clocks ticking. My husband is working on a major project at work and when combined with the clock ticking in my stomach and all the remodel projects left, we have a lot to do. And I don’t have any emotional or physical energy left to spare. So, I don’t. I just “let it go”.

I still have some ebbs and flows, but I have been able to exercise consistently for about two and a half months. I’ve added more fresh foods into our diet. I still battle with carbs and I’m sure I’ll end up with a gigantic 20-pound baby again (ok, fine 10 lbs). Homeschooling is going great. Some weeks we are ahead, some weeks we’ve had to play catch up a bit. I’m starting to take more photos, but I have removed myself from a lot of photo projects. I’ve prioritized printing and documenting our lives, adding words to the photos. I’m always 5 loads behind on laundry…

But meh, I’m okay with trying, and I’m ok with that balance. I’m more than okay with everything I need to be the best person I can be, day in and day out. No one else in that internet world is worth sacrificing that.

Motherhood Is… is a blog project celebrating motherhood through rambling and photographs. Please click on the link and check out lots of posts about motherhood here.

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