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My goldilocks bag | the perfect camera bag

After years of of searching and more money than I care to admit spent, I have found my perfect camera bag.RL2_5634

Let me back up. I have needed a bag that can meet this criteria:

a large bag. Most bags are 14×5.5×13, they have three “slots”. Then they have extra large bags that are 16x8x13. I don’t want medium and I don’t want extra large. I want large. And I want 4-5 slots to put things. 3 means my camera plus two. My diapers, wipes, and wallet take up one slot so I’m down to camera plus one. I need 4+.

quality. Let’s face it, we live a rough life, my priority is survival, so I can’t exactly be as gentle as I would like. I did not necessarily set out for a leather bag, but I have purchased bags from three different faux leather companies and the quality was just not high engouh.

style. I want something that I like the look of. Awhile back I found a bag from a shop that met my size and function requirements, but it was so fugly I could not even consider it. I want something classic. Sure fun colors are a plus, but I would take a classic brown over an ugly color I won’t find as practical.

function. I need to be able to sling this bag over my shoulder. I need to be able to get through my day or outing, take care of my little children, carry my gear, and swap out lenses without a lot of struggle. I need a bag that can hold what I need without weighing a metric ton, or without hurting my shoulder. A wide messenger strap with a pad is preferred.

And now… introducing the Valencia bag from Epiphanie. They have said they will make this bag again, but I haven’t seen it pop up yet until their sister company did a re-release for this bag, only making it a tiny bit taller which is even MORE amazing. It is taking a lot of effort not to want to buy it. I’m having to take some deep breaths and practice my minimalism as I already have an unpacked box of camera bags in the garage right at this moment.

The size of this bag is perfect. It holds the exact amount of gear I need. It’s good looking. It’s leather. And I have all but run it over my car and it doesn’t look any different than the day it arrived.  And something that I never knew that I would want is that it has a back pack function. I was able to test this out on a mini hike with the family and it was so much more comfortable! I use this often in the grocery store where my cart is already full of children before I put the necessary items in.

I am able to “modify” it and it’s the right size I can add a third divider. I have been able to get 4-5 lenses in here. I took an extra divider from another camera bag and divided one of the slots for two of my smaller less girthy lenses.

I am in love. This is my perfect bag.


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