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Nor Cal Tourist | Point Reyes National Park Vol. 1

point reyesWe have been remodeling for weeks. This weekend we had to take a pause for my husband to finish an assignment for his master’s class, but we were just so burnt out. We are constantly jumping from the frying pan to the fryer. And we just couldn’t shake the funk. I have had a backlog of places I want to visit so I picked one and off we went.

We had literally no idea what we were going to other than Point Reyes has a lighthouse and it’s on the coast. It also never occurred to us that it could be 35+ degrees cooler just one hour away. We knew something was wrong when we pulled into the parking lot and everyone was decked out in Patagonia jackets. And of course, this was the one time we cleaned our car before heading out so it was slim pickings which made for some good laughs. Thankfully, I never made it into any of the photographs, but there were people staring.

We popped into the visitor center to check in and see what we were in for. Something that I have gotten into a habit of as an adult is asking people what is there favorite thing. I do it with the wait staff at restaurants, I do it when we are visiting hotels, and I asked the Point Reyes Park Ranger what his favorite part of the park was. I asked what would be the best things to attempt with several small children who wouldn’t last too long on their feet. And of course, one mention of “elephant seals” and I was in! He said they were thinning out and wouldn’t be there much longer and then they wouldn’t return until next season.

So off we went armed with sheer will power, a healthy dose of suck it up, a pinch of “we’re from Alaska”, and a shark towel.

And we will be back again. We will so be back again. We will have lunch in the cutest little town. We will stop at a dairy farm. We will climb the hills and find the elk herd. We will picnic on the beach.  We will hike in the forests. Clearly, we loved Point Reyes National Park. And lucky for us it’s only an hour away. Before Bay Area traffic. Hah!

Point ReyesDSC_6239zDSC_6243zDSC_6244zDSC_6246zDSC_6260z

After the Elephant Seal overlook we ventured over to the Point Reyes lifeboat station. Their motto, ye have to go out, ye don’t have to come in. This bay is beautiful, but with that intense fog it is not hard to see how many lives could be lost here.

We were hoping for sea lions, but nada. There was one otter playing in the surf, but that was it. DSC_6291z

I told him under absolutely no condition could he smile.

I kick myself for not taking a video of this, or taking the time to slow the shutter down. But we left all the kids in the car and ran the .4 miles to the lighthouse (which was closed) and I knew the clock was ticking before the littles would get upset in their carseats and the teens would let them loose. But the fog was coming through so fast it was both beautiful and haunting.

So bummed I didn’t get to walk the 30 stories down (and up) to the lighthouse. lol.

Point Reyes

This beach totally had me until the shark bit. DSC_6396z-2

Then we stepped into the city for a quick Chinese food supper. Everytime we see that Golden Gate it’s a little magical. DSC_6417z

DSC_6438zAnd then fog started rolling in for the evening.


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