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On My Plate | a meal and exercise plan

meal planThe Meal Plan and Exercise Plan.

I’m in love with Real Plans and their recipes, it has changed how I meal plan forever. If you are a member you can search these by title in the program. You can read more about how this site works here. Because it generates my meals and shopping list I don’t have the excuse, “I don’t know what to make for dinner”. And I know everything it generates will be on my approved foods list.

My goals have been to make healthier meals and exercise regularly. I’m not perfect, I had a half a bite of a cookie that was left out on the counter this morning. I even dipped it in my coffee. But I’m trying. And I’m seeing results.

Here is my meal plan for the week. Note: The rest of family are not pescatarians, so I will go and add their meat meals on days where I know they won’t like what I’ve made. My husband, for instance, will not eat crab or fishy fish and there may have been a phase in my life a few years ago where I over did the sweet potatoes and coconut oil so he won’t touch those either. *eyeroll* Also. I am in a huge seaweed roll up phase right now. I ADORE sushi so this makes me feel like I’m eating it, minus the rice.

meal plan

My exercise routine has been to “run” three days a week using the Couch to 5K app. I’m in Week 2 right now so it’s still a run/walk routine. I have also implemented my old college workout that I got from The Big Book of Exercises. Aside from the Army, it was the fittest I have ever been and it was after having three children so I feel confident it works.

The best part is I’m only a few weeks in and I am seeing results already. I didn’t set out to drop thirty pounds my first month. And since I’m weight lifting I’m going to be looking less to weight and more to inches.

On my Plate is a series documenting my food and exercise journey to get healthy. This isn’t the journey to be a perfect size; this is a journey to be healthy and fit to enjoy more out of life. Sometimes it’s photos. Sometimes it’s a journal. Sometimes it’s meal planning and trying to get healthy food on the table for 8.

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