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On My Plate | The First week of Food


This is my food story for the week. It’s the longest rambling post I’ve written. But it’s real. I won’t blame you if you never come back. Hah!

Let me preface this by saying food prep is a bit bizarre for us right now. We are in the middle of kitchen remodeling and I am without a stove. So all hot meals are limited to the microwave or the instant pot. I am getting very creative over here.

Prepping and planning is key. I have discovered if I don’t have a plan I end up going too long without eating and the crash and binge on something I shouldn’t.

Day One | ACV before copious amounts of coffee. Tried a new SILK dairy-free creamer. It’s awful. Thank God I bought the small carton. For breakfast, I had a make ahead chia pudding with fruit, chia seeds, hemp hearts, coconut milk. I’m not going to lie and say it’s amazing, but it’s edible, and I find that it keeps me really full.

By lunch, my dairy free was over. I am pretty sure that they serve dairy free creamer in hell. And I made it until 1 pm, so that was a huge success in my book. And let’s face it, I didn’t really have intentions to give up cheese.

food sesame shrimp saladLunch was a sesame ginger salad with cheese, eggs, shrimp, and garbanzo beans for protein and kale and chards for greens. Of course, I had to make the shrimp twice because I turned around and Campbell had eaten every one. And I had even made a double batch knowing they would want some.

To keep salads fun and tasty I bought several types of greens and about five dressings. I’m sure not all of them are healthy per say, but this is about establishing long-term healthy habits not restricting anything good and tasteful and thus for killing my will to live.

Supper: Glass Noodles and a  yogurt parfait for dessert

Water intake: 32 oz. Enough to make me have to get up in the middle of the night like a 70-year-old man.

Exercise for the day. 2-mile walk with the hubs.

Day Two | I took the morning light and just had a cup of chamomile tea. After that settled, I had three cups of coffee, lol. Then a bland chia pudding for breakfast. Note to self. Coconut milk, chia, and frozen fruit are not flavorful. Either smash the berries next time or add additional stuff. I threw some granola on top and that made it way better.

In the name of transparency, Colton brought home a pack of sour mike and ikes from Walgreens, and I couldn’t help myself. I had two. But in my defense, he broke the cardinal rule I gave him which was, “don’t bring it in the house.” To punish him I announced loudly that he hand candy and five siblings flocked immediately.

food mango shrimp saladLunch: spinach mango shrimp salad with poached egg

I had needed a meal by the time I got home. I was so hungry. I threw together some Greek Nachos from my new favorite cookbook, Love Real Food. I love that her recipes are super easy to make swap outs. My body is starting to be onto me. I’m starting to crave sugar.

Supper was an adaptation of the Greek Nachos from lunch. We called them Naan’chos. lol. We cut up naan in wedges and piled all sorts of stuff on,

Dessert was a yogurt parfait with lots of fresh fruit.

Exercise: 2-mile walk

Water: 28 oz. Whoops

Day Three | I’m getting discouraged. I feel full, so I’m not really feeling like I’m dieting. But my husband lost another pound. He’s down about 18 pounds. And he eats chicken melts and Philly cheesesteak all day long. I feel like lacing his food with lard. Wanker.

Breakfast: Disgruntled Coffee and hippy dippy waffles that tasted like shit and drowned in fresh fruit so I wouldn’t notice.


Lunch: Naanchos that I ate while breastfeeding one handed and stuffing my face like a savage so we could make a showing of a play. And it was right in front of our large picture window through which all of our neighbors could see. No shame.

Supper: Tuna Poke and a small California roll. This is a big step up from the 18 million rolls I would normally order.

Water: enough to make me risk kidney failure in the middle of the night for refusing to get up

Exercise: Weight training and 2.5-mile walk

Day Four | Here’s a perfect example of where failing to plan is planning to fail. I didn’t prep breakfast. The doorbell rang before 9 am. It’s summer. And there are 31 kids on our street. So. Taco Bell breakfast for the win. 500 calories of disgusting fatty deliciousness. I’m pretty sure everything in that burrito was squeezed out of a processed food packaged and slathered with easy cheese.

Easy Ramen with broccoli for lunch. I desperately need a stove. This is starting to wear on me.

I should note, I am a pescatarian. Basically I’m a vegetarian except for seafood, and apparently, parmesan cheese which turns out is actually not vegetarian at all. Mind blown. My husband, on the other hand, is a true Texan. He is totally okay with killing and butchering his own food. I cry at every Disney movie that includes the death of an animal. We are different. My husband has a special name for my vegetarian food that’s probably inappropriate, so I’m leaving it out.

food granola ballsToday I tried making some true hipster protein granola ball shit (Recipe adapted from Love Real Food: Granola balls). I mean literally, the color and consistently was exactly that of baby poo, my fault, I added dates. So there I am in the kitchen hurrying to roll it in the coconut shavings before he sees what the hell I’m about to serve him. They were really delicious.

Supper: Cobb Salad with fake crab meat

Exercise: 2-mile walk

Day Five | This is a double dose of coffee day. Baths were needed before my made ahead chia pudding breakfast. I should note, I’m anemic so I need to find ways to get more iron out of my day. Chia works awesome so I add it to a lot of things.

Exercise: 1.98 mile walk/run from the Couch to 5K app. Completed Day One!

Lunch: Awesome Tuna Nicoise Salad! I used sundried tomatoes instead of fresh because I was out.

Supper: I was supposed to go to the store, but I was painting and working on electrical all day. Poke Bowl.

Water: 64 oz. Doing better at this.

Day Six | Breakfast: coffee and dried fruit. I need to go to costco, I was in a hurry, I ate handfuls of dried pineapple so I could avoid the cardinal rule: Never go to Costco hungry. Breakfast and lunch were also tears and dried fruit. It was a rough morning.

food salmon for dinner

Supper: I HAVE A STOVE! Salmon and artichokes with hollandaise sauce. I know, I know hollandaise is pretty much the unhealthiest thing in existence. But I survived today off dried pineapple and cashews. And there was a green veggie served, that has to count for something. My husband and I bought a vintage Julia Child cookbook and we wanted to start a Date Night where we get in the kitchen. 2.5 hours and 5 recipes later, I realized that we used up 2 POUNDS of butter. lol. GAH. Luckily I didn’t consume all that.

Exercise: 1-mile walk. And Costco. That has to count for exercise.

Water: My Coffee had water. I had a lot of coffee.

Day Seven | OMG! A week! I made it! I meant to measure myself, I know weight is not the best indicator. Especially after Julia Child night and the salty butter that had me drink at least 80 oz of water. lol. I’d rather weigh myself in a few days.

Breakfast: a handful of dried pineapple. I’m pretty sure it has sugar in it, but it’s in Thai. So I’m ruling Thai sugar shouldn’t count.

Exercise: Couch to 5K Day 2! Broke the 2-mile mark and broke my 11-minute mile pace.

Lunch: Leftover salmon with capers with poached eggs and artichoke hearts

Supper: scallops, cauliflower mac & cheese, and steamed snap peas. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but the cauliflower was better than any pasta version I have ever had.  The meat eaters in my house opted to skip this delicious dish and grill burgers. I may or may not have considered hitting him in the head with a plate. By him, I mean my husband. I hope he likes burgers because now I’m making vegetarian the rest of the week. Asshole.

fresh food

Recap, otherwise known as TLDR; Week One started slowly. I greatly reduced my carb and refined sugar intake, and I increased my protein, iron, and veggie intake, for me this is a huge win. I’m not going to say I drank a lot more water, but I was seen on occasion to drink water that wasn’t coffee flavored, that’s a win. I began an exercise routine of Couch to 5K and strength training on alternating days. I do feel better. I’m making it longer through the day without feeling exhausted. But I can’t say I look any different. It’s only been a week. This is a long process.

At the end of the week I had the biggest discovery of all! My friend turned me on to Apps. Seriously, my meal planning will never be the same. I wrote more about it here.

On my Plate is a series documenting my food and exercise journey to get healthy. This isn’t the journey to be a perfect size; this is a journey to be healthy and fit to enjoy more out of life. Sometimes it’s photos. Sometimes it’s a journal. Sometimes it’s meal planning and trying to get healthy food on the table for 8.

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