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Introspection & Analysis | PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP

introspection & analysis workshop


A photography workshop on self-discovery over at In Beauty & Chaos, Introspection & Analysis.

IA Introduction from The Rusty Lens on Vimeo.

This is the workshop where you show up to learn about YOU. You will begin with a pre-assignment to pull together a portfolio. Don’t worry, this isn’t permanent. You will gather your best or favorite images and dig in with a content filled PDF with over 250 pages!

This workshop will:

  • Assist you with setting goals
  • Establish identity and personality in your photographs
  • Discover and define your style
  • Analyze your shooting tendencies & habits
  • Define your Voice: Breakdown your photographs into 18 categories
  • Increase your artistic awareness
  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses
  • Teach you tools to critique your own work
  • Set Objectives
  • Use strategy to curate a portfolio for an intended purpose
  • and more…


Sign up HERE.

Read More reviews  HERE.



“Let me just say this; strap yourself in, and be prepared for a WILD ride, as you begin to see your work in a whole new light. Courtney Rust holds back nothing in this mind blowing workshop on self-discovery!”- Summer Cates (Summer Cates Photography)




“Courtney puts so much heart and soul into helping you identify the photographer you are and the photographer you want to be. From evaluating, to goal setting, to curating aportfolio that ultimately gets you ready to apply for pro; she refines your artistry. This course is gold and at the end of it you can take away a pro set and so much to be proud of.” -Elise Meader (Elise Meader Photography)




“Through intriguing discussion, introspective exercises and guided analysis, Courtney Rust pushes you to look deeply and critically at your own work, leading to a whole new level of self-discovery. This incredible workshop arms you with the tools and insight to aim high and dream big. Hang on tight, your work may never be the same!” Jen Bilodeau (Jen Bilodeau Photography)



“This workshop left me more confident than I ever could have imagined going into it. I learned so much about who I am as an artist, how far I’ve come, and most of all, I am more excited than EVER about where I’m headed. Talk about a braingasm! Courtney packs SO much useful info into a beautiful created, easy-to-follow format and I walked away from it feeling like I was back in touch with myself and my art (not to mention, it was like laying on her couch for a therapy session, too)! Thank you, Courtney!” Jessica Diedrich (Yeah, She Snaps! Photography)



We’re going to have a lot of fun, I can’t wait to see you there!


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