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Let’s Get Naked Friday | Photos before and after

before/after title image

This image for Friday’s “photos before and after” is also a 27/28 week bump update. I threw on the 135mm lens and Aubrey took one for the team and fired of some shots. I did a test shot for exposure and WB, but then we ended up moving a bit and I never rechecked it. Call this the lazy, “I have five children and supper was almost ready to serve bump photo”. The fact that I had clothes on was a miracle, though it is a requirement to be at this park, so, that’s motivation. Not only do we live in the land of HOA nazis, but they won’t hesitate to call the police either.

But, moving on.

A few things about handing the camera off. I usually stop down my aperture a little to give them more wiggle room on focus. Normally I would have shot this at f2.0 to reduce as much of that housing as possible. I needed a quick shot and this is right next door to my house. But I gave her some room with f2.5 just in case she slipped the focus. The sun was going down fast, I could have put the camera in AP mode for her, or checked the exposure again after we moved around a bit.


images before editing

In Lightroom I threw on my preset, cropped in, upped the contrast some more, lowered the highlights, and tried to adjust the color some more. I did a really quick radial filter and added some contrast and saturation in an eclipse from top to bottom over me. image before/after editing

Because the kids were enjoying themselves with some signing time, I decided, what the hell, I’ll take this 2 minute edit to 4. I brought it in photoshop, added a little more blur on the background to distract from the housing and added a little more contrast back to my face. image before/after editingAnd then my one stop press play BW action, because I really wasn’t digging the skin color on my face and didn’t want to mess with it anymore. If I were really inclined now I could add some darkness to the houses behind me.

image before and after editing bw

Nothing fancy, but now I have what, three images of my growing belly from this pregnancy.

I know, I know. I need to take more. But sometimes, you just got to roll with it. I don’t have many photos from baby 1 or 2. I have them, but they are truly snapshots. And I love them. I took weekly photos with a tripod in my dining room with 3. With 4, I have a 20 week photo and then barely squeaked in a maternity shoot at 40 weeks. With 5, I took weekly iPhone images and took several of my belly with the big camera. It is what it is. I wish I had more, but I can accept that this season in my life is about survival.


Camera: Nikon D750 Lens: Nikon 135mm 2.0  SS: 1/640 Aperture: f/2.5 ISO: 320

Let’s Get Naked Friday | This is a series stripping the “clothes” off and exposing my photos before and after. No presets, no fixes, straight up before (SOOC) and after.

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