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Image Review 25

Portfolio  Review | 25 images | $100

This is designed to be an honest and objective assessment of 25 images.Each image will be critiqued in detail and you will received a comprehensive assessment set on 9 technical categories as well as an analysis of strengths and weaknesses and recommendations to accompany them.

  • Detailed PDF
  • Individual Critique & Analysis
  • Comprehensive Technical Analysis
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in your portfolio
  • Creating performance goals and/or recommendations

Note: 25 images is both a lot of images and not very many depending on your application. If you are interested in having a more thorough review, there is a 75 image portfolio review available.

Contact Courtney at or send a message to the Facebook Page  to schedule  a date! Currently there are only 2 available sessions per month. After you setup your date you’ll get access to your pre-mentorship questionnaire: HERE!

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