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Print Your Photos | Getting images off your hard drives

print your photos


You take photos, you ooh and ahh as you look on the back of the camera, you upload them, you edit them, you carefully share them to social media, and then BAM! Your photos go off to die a slow painful death on the back of your hard drive. Hopefully you have a back up and they aren’t just counting down days until they are lost forever.


Print them. Some. All. Enlarge some. Get some on your walls. The ideas are endless.

I used to scrapbook. Scrapbooking and photography went hand in hand. The more I got involved with scrapbooking the more I wanted to improve my photography. The more I improved my photography the more I wanted to scrapbook. And I was hardcore. I worked with several magazines. I worked on assignment. And freelance. I worked with manufacturers. I loved it. And then I went back to school. And my photos never saw the light of day.

During that time the scrapbook industry practically died. Magazines folded. Manufacturers went out of business. The industry is fairly unrecognizable from where it left off back in 2007. But something that developed during that time is Project Life.

Dude. This is amazing.

I printed a whole year of photos in a week. A week!

print your photos

Here’s my process and how to print your photos:

I create a collection for each month. I go through and grab the photos I want to print. I don’t grab them all. I try to be fairly ruthless. What do I want to print? What do I need to tell the story? The system I use allows for 7 full size 4×6 photos and then 12-14 photos that will get printed 2-up on a 4×3 photo. But I really don’t focus on that until I see how many I want to select. I just grab them and put them in a collection.

I rate the photos to print. Now I look at how many I select. Because each page holds approx 19-21 photos I can see how many page spreads it will be. I like to keep my amount of pages per month to 4 or less, basically one page for each week. Birthday, Births, Vacations, and special trips can get extra pages. I can also take one of the full size 4×6 photos and make it a 9-up photo collage to hold more images. I rate the full size photos a 5 and the ones that can be smaller a 4.

LR Print Module. This is where LR is amazing for this. I use print templates and drag all the photos onto the appropriate template and print to file. Then I go into my Project Life cards and grab what I need. I know I want a title card for the month, and I like having a journaling card. If I have extra spaces I can look for some to help highlight the photos, or some cards just for fun. I used to buy the physical versions, and those are great, but I love the digital versions. No storage I have to worry about, and I can just browse them right in my LR Catalog. Also– digital packs are so inexpensive and you can use them over and over.

PS Print.  This part is because my computer is special. It will not just print the files out of my file browser and get them right on the borderless print. So I open the files in PS and I created an action to batch print them with the right print settings. I also add my journaling to any of the cards while I’m in here.

Cut and Stuff. I trim the cards that need to be trimmed and stuff them in the right pockets! Bam! Done. Now you can sit back, flip through and enjoy.

It’s that easy. I freaking love it. I have my photos printed. My kids love flipping through the books. I have journaling down! You think you will remember this forever, but it fades. Time goes SO fast. I love creating something to accompany those photos. I am leaving a legacy for generations to have. And they will know everything behind our lives.

Click on over to Project Life and check it out! There are tons of tutorials. There are some galleries for inspiration. My favorite sets that are super practical are the Everyday Set, and the Project 52 set!

print your photos

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