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Shoot Your Heart Out | an ebook

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-3-25-20-pmShoot Your Heart Out, an ebook about shooting your everyday love and life, shooting it with passion, shooting it creatively, and growing while you do it.

There are hundreds of photography resources out there. There are workshops, books, ebooks, forums, blog articles. Why this one, you ask?

Because I get it.

I get every growing pain. Every frustration. Every excuse.

Get inspired. Get uplifted. Hear confessions. Feel good about learning again. But above all, shoot, shoot from the heart. Shoot your heart out. Pour your love into this craft you enjoy some much.

This is your must-have shoot guide for the every day photographer. If you are a beginner. If you are a professional. This is for you.

Shoot Your Heart Out will help refresh and challenge your limits and teach you elements that will strengthen your visual communication in your work. It covers:

  • the ins and outs of daily shooting
  • areas in your every day life to photograph
  • burn out
  • critiquing and reflecting on your own work
  • creating a stronger photograph
  • getting more comfortable with light
  • compositional elements
  • color theory
  • a calendar of shooting inspiration 
  • prompts to keep you covered all year long

This ain’t your mama’s ebook. Click HERE to purchase the ebook and download the beautifully designed 190+ page PDF (over 350 photos). 

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See what they are saying:

“Courtney has hit the nail on the head with this BEAUTIFUL and inspiring guide. Even after just skimming through, I knew she had created magic. Whether you are seasoned and looking for something to get you shooting more often because you are lacking everyday inspiration—or maybe someone freshly discovering photography and hoping to capture their everyday in a more creative way, this will for sure light a fire. Don’t hesitate!” — Sarah Cornish

“This e-book is JAM PACKED!!!! Whether you’re a hobbyist or run a business, Courtney has dug deep into both. From composition to finding your inspiration, to breaking down interesting subjects each month of the year, she’s got EVERYTHING covered. A true book of knowledge, guidance and beautiful visuals to lead you on your way to becoming a better photographer. Courtney is a TRUE talent and this e-book is so filled with goodies… content, content, visuals, visuals, I am blown away. It is so personal. It’s just so stinking good!” — Elise Meader

“DUDE!!! This is awesome! So good. Really, I’m not blowing smoke up your butt.” — Rebecca Leimbach

“I’ve only made it through 50 pages so far. But one of the times I checked on my too quiet kiddos and in that moment I needed to get my camera and shoot for a few minutes. In just 8 minutes I shot a set of 10 varied images that I will most likely use for my next 10 on 10 post, and the best part was that for the first time in a long time I didn’t force it or severely overshoot (only took maybe 15-16 shots). I wasn’t shooting this for anyone but me. Your words are seriously reminding me of why I love photography and encouraging me in new ways to grow.” — Melissa Hines 

“If you own a camera and want to document the things that you love better, get this book. Plain & simple. I strive to photograph my children every day. Lately, I’ve had a lot of client work that has pushed me into “burnt out” mode. I read this entire book in an hour and wish it wasn’t 9:30 at night so I could pick up my camera and get some pictures of my kids now. Courtney has reminded me WHY. Why I document my children, why I tell our story, why I ever picked up a camera to begin with. Her and I have a very similar shooting method..shoot it all, all the time. I needed to be reminded of that, and this book did it.” — Jessica Byrum

“Courtney’s beautiful & inspiring photographs alone make this a MUST own. Add in 180+ pages of well written photography knowledge, and I was motivated get back on my photography game! As photographers, we all stand to learn something from one another. We are all especially lucky to be able to learn from one of the best, in this candid look at shooting our day to day. Now to get her to publish a hard cover book for my coffee table!” — Summer Cates

“I am a huge fan of Courtney, so I was thrilled to get a chance to preview her new book, “Shoot You Heart Out.” This book does not disappoint. It is jam packed with great information on techniques and inspiration. It is also a super fun and easy read. Courtney’s “voice” is always “girlfriend who’s been there” and never pretentious or condescending despite her obvious talent and skill. It covers a vast amount of photography knowledge without going overboard in technicality and leaves lots of room for those who wish to go deeper to explore topics on their own and at their own pace. Seasonal suggestions for creative images and heart to heart advice on how to avoid burn-out and creative ruts make this an invaluable tool for any hobbyist or professional photographer who documents their own family to have on their shelves.” — Julie Moses

“This ebook is like a yearlong coffee date with the coolest photographer in town. Courtney puts everything out there – her journey, her shooting and editing process, 182 pages of serious eye candy and, best of all, her advice on how she conquers burnout! There is a lot of information (and inspiration) here – my advice is to get this one early so you have plenty of time to digest everything and interact with Courtney on the forum. She is one of the most open, honest and skilled photographers out there and you don’t want to miss out on her feedback.” — Mel Karlberg


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