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The Slow Zebra | Thoughts on being average

slow zebraI have always been a poor runner. I can sprint short distances, but even the 110-meter hurdles I ran in high school felt like a long distance. And then there was that time I joined the army and man do they love to run. Me? Yeah, I tried. I tried hard. But that was never worth anything when it came to our runs. My CO used to come up behind me and I could hear him, I knew it was coming. I would roll my eyes and there it was, “I’m a lion. I’m a lion and I’m after the slow zebra. Gonna get me a slow zebra. Slow zebras get eaten.”

While that may be true for a zebra on the Sahara, on a running track doing loop after loop the only thing that I was going to be eaten by were the fire ants in the stretching areas.

But nonetheless, it was annoying. It was even more annoying because he had the opportunity to do. Because I was slower than the best. I could improve. I made huge improvements. I went from not even being able to run a mile to running several in less than ten weeks. And then I was able to run faster and faster. But no matter what, my fastest was never even close to best, and frankly, it never will be. Because I am just average. I am average at just about everything.

But what does being average mean? It means I’m probably not going to win awards. It means I’m not going to win medals. But it doesn’t mean I can’t do it. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. And it damn sure doesn’t mean I can’t do it, enjoy it, and make improvements. It just means that I have to work a little harder to arrive at the same place. And folks, that’s what builds my character, lol.

Okay fine, most days. On occasion, I will bitch about this to high heaven.

But really, I only know one way to work and that is to hustle.


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