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STOP. When enough is enough…

Stop. Right there.


Enough. Enough torturing yourself. Enough comparing yourself. Enough looking over your shoulder. And stop wasting your time! You ARE good enough. Enjoy where you are. Enjoy your journey. Enjoy your progression. Give yourself some slack. Or Grace. Or patience. And for Pete’s sake, stop comparing yourself. Stop wasting your time. You will drive yourself crazy. And Lord have Mercy we already have enough crazy people.

It comes. The skills come. The clients come. But if you’re twisting your insides out you’re not going to enjoy it when it does happen. And the likelihood of you getting frustrated and burnt out will go way up.

I had an interesting run in this week. A woman in my neighborhood who I met at the Easter Egg Hunt called me. She said I gave the appearance I was someone who “didn’t give a crap what others thought”. I just about spit out my coffee when she said it. I do very much care what people think, to a point. But I have gotten to a point in my life where I don’t have time to do anything with it. I have better things to do. And so do you.

There are a few ways to drive your inner self crazy. Be a super harsh critic. Or compare yourself to everyone else.

Perfection does not exist. By all means, aim for it. But settle. Settle for excellence. Settle for Great. You will drive yourself bat-shit crazy trying to attain the impossible. Every image can’t be award winners. And when you are constantly bombarding yourself with what others do, it is really hard not to compare yourself. Not to size yourself up. Not to feel defensive, or just weak.

I have been busy taking my life back.

Let it go. Tune it out. Put your head in your own business. For every 10 minutes you’re spending on someone else that’s 10 minutes that could have been for you.  That’s ten minutes you could have been blogging, or emailing, or marketing, or reading, or out there shooting. You’ve given your own time to the same competition that you’re trying to be.

Unlike, Unfriend, Unfollow anything that is not healthy for you. Period.

There is real life. There is your family, or your friends, in person and online. Then there is everyone else. Prioritize. For me, I needed to drown out the noise. The negativity. And I needed to drown out the things that I was becoming resentful of. If someone did this, or didn’t do this. I needed a clean clear space. I have a phone number. I have an email. A Facebook relationship doesn’t determine whether or not you ever speak to the person again. I plan on taking my friendships off social media. I even plan on writing letters. Actual snail mail *gasp*. Who doesn’t love receiving a letter or card in the mail? Seriously.

Thoughts on leaving toxic friendships: It’s hard. But I have a house to run, family to feed, and a husband to care for. Everything comes second to that. My own mother comes second to that.

But it’s the subtle ones that are the hardest. The ones that nag at you but leave you miserable. Do it. Pull the plug. Life is too damn short. If you were told you have six months to live would you really be wasting time messing with it?

And, if you back out and are a total coward, which let’s face it. I left a few people in my life that I can’t stand. Unfollow. You don’t have to subject yourself to it.

And for pete’s sake. UNPLUG.

Ironic, because here I am typing a blog. But set boundaries. People ask me ALL THE TIME how I do anything. Folks, it doesn’t get done on its own. You make it happen. You make the choices that determine what happens. Like right now. I am writing a blog so tonight it’s frozen lasagna. It’s all about choices, right?


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