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What to Wear

When choosing what to wear for your portrait session keep the phrase, “coordinating, but not matching” in your head. Diversity in the outfit choices will make for more stunning photographs. Start with the loudest outfit and pull colors that bring the session to life.

• avoid too many colors or patterns

• avoid shirts with large and distracting logos

• keep outfits within the same style (dressy with dressy, dressed down with dressed down, etc)

Consider the location and the look you are trying to achieve. Bright colors make for fun bolder photos, neutral colors make for softer natural photos.

Dress for the weather! You can always take off some layers in between photos, but always have enough close to stay warm or don’t wear so much clothes that you are too hot.

Be comfortable. If you can’t stand to be in your outfit it will be hard to look cool and collected during your photo shoot.

Your shoes will be visible, consider them in your wardrobe choices, and avoid gym shoes whenever possible.

Accessorize! You can always take stuff off and swap stuff around. Add some interest, necklaces, scarves, and hats! (Save the hat for last so there is no apparent hat hair)

Ladies: Lip gloss and powder are always fantastic to have on hand. And if you decide to wear heels, bring a pair of flip flops to walk more easily from setting to setting.

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