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Everyday Gear | What’s your bag, baby?

Every time I think of writing a gear post I think of that Capitol One commercial, “What’s in your wallet?”. Don’t ask why… but I always like knowing what photographer’s pick for their everyday gear so… here is mine.


The answer to what’s in my bag is going to depend:

  • Where am I going?
  • How long will I be there?
  • What will I be photographing?

The short answer is that I have a lot of children. Gone are the days where I can pack my bag with 15 lbs of gear and shoot all day long. I have also stopped shooting traditional portraits and aim more for a documentary/lifestyle look. But I also shoot a lot of nature and macro. If I’m going somewhere specific I’ll take all that into consideration. Or if I’m going to have a stroller and can tuck the bag away and not have to worry about the weight or long term carry. And it will depend on what lenses I have been using most often, I like to rotate through all of the lenses and make sure they are all getting use, it helps me stay creative, but each lens has so

When it comes to everyday gear, the combo I sport most often these days is:

35mm photosThe 35mm (photos pictured above) is quite possibly my most versatile lens, it really covers a lot of ground and it fits well with my style. It also helps that it’s a smaller lens and fits easily in a bag. If I know I want to get a lot of the scene in the frame, or if I want to change it up, I’ll grab the 24mm.

105mm photos

The 105mm (photos pictured above) is also a workhorse, it is my go to for capturing details, close ups, macro images, but it also has some great compression and bokeh, it really makes a great portrait lens.

Looking for a camera bag? I may have a collection amassed while trying to find THE goldilocks bag.

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